the aztalan group

Recent completed projects of the Aztalan Group

IRIS was an Eco-Friendly Design of a 6.5kW mobile IoT Food service truck, utilizing; 265Watt P-V panels, Pure-Sine inverter technology , a 2016 Dodge Ram platform and commercial kitchen equipment. IRIS utilized imbedded  B-T and IoT Micro controllers and was constructed of  aircraft and marine grade components.

CARDINAL was an Electro-Optical scanning system that was implemented as an in situ optical Inspection station.  It consisted of  a transport systems , machine vision and image recognition for the inspection and detection of surface defects on  large area substrates.  An upgrade was performed for adding IoT capabilities.

Project AMES was the conversion of 1800 sq-ft split level residences  to complete P-V dependence utilizing a 12kWP P-V collection and  custom designed  energy storage system.

LCDEOS was a custom designed  computer automated  Electro-Optic Test and Measurement System delivered and installed in the bay area for  the characterization of Fluidic Self Assembly  Nanotechnology materials.   LCDEOS performed over a dozen fully automated test protocols.

A custom designed Test and Measurement system was designed for characterizing Electro-Optical devices utilized in 3-D imaging technology in LCD based Flat Panel screens and movies.  TAMM consisted of Precision motion control mechanics,  a diode laser light source, optical imagers , and embedded micro-controllers.

Project– IRIS




Project —TAMM

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