the aztalan group

Lcd processing equipment

Flat Panel Display Processing equipment is custom designed, constructed and upgraded for Research and Development and medium volume prototyping  or manufacturing  facilities, depending on customers needs.  We also work with existing vendors with upgrades and customizations of existing equipment to suit specific customer requirements.

Product Summary

> Material Transport

> Scribe and break machines

> Photolithography—electrode patterning

> SITI Passivation layer coating

> Vacuum Liquid Crystal LC fill stations

> Polyimide coating equipment

> Polyimide rubbing machines

> Seal dispense equipment

> Seal cure and press

> Polarizer application machine

> Tape Automated Bonder TAB equipment


> Tilt angle measurement

> Cell Gap measurement

> Transmission VS Voltage measurement

> Response Time (RT)

> Voltage Holding Ratio (VHR)

> Transient Current measurement

> State of Polarization (SOP)

> Iso-Contrast measurement

> DC Offset measurement

> Transmission VS angle

> Maximum multiplexibility measurement



Novel wide viewing liquid crystal display with improved off-axis image  quality in a twisted nematic configuration